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Satellite Dish at site office.

DHPC site office was connected to the world with the internet on VSAT on 8th January 2009, connecting four working computers and few personal laptops with 128 kbps/ uplink 128 kbps downlink. Receives the signal and connects to the net modem and the ipcop proxy server.
Office of the Chief Executive Officer, DHPC shifted from Thimphu to upper Goshi on a rented buildingĀ  on 24th September 2009,. Access to internet was shared from the site office with the use of Motorola Wireless equipment that was at a distance of 3.43 miles approximately over an altitude difference of 18400 feet between the head office and the site offices.

The bridging Canopy Equipment

In 2011, with the implementation of SAP/ERP, DHPC switched on to 2mbps IPVPN from Bhutan Telecom over Radio based Equipment and then to FIBER connectivity from Dagapela to DHPC office from Ms. Tashi InfoCom in 2019 with 15mbps uplink/downlink.

With the improvement in bandwidth, connection to the guest house & colony is being established.

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