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The Project has acquired 30.69 acres of private land from 25 families and one community. Since all have opted for substitute land, no compensation has been paid for the acquired land. All the families have received ownership certificates for the substitute land.Since no homes had to be displaced by the acquisition of land, there is no issue of resettlement. Nu. 1,166,003.70 have been paid as compensation for crop lost in 2007, in the year of acquisition. Since most of the project structures are underground, there is not much social and environmental impact. Besides the land acquired from private individuals, an additional of 61.04 acres has been taken on lease from the Royal Government of Bhutan for various Project structures. The quality of air and water is being monitored on a quarterly basis. The fish ladder at the Diversion Weir is also under construction. The plantation of samplings are being carried out every year and the number of samplings planted are more than the trees felled for the construction of the project. The Project has already brought economic benefit to the Dagana district in general and to the communities near the project infrastructure in particular. The company’s expenditure of more than Nu. 100 million was incurred on the up gradation of roads and bridges on the 62 km stretch of the Sunkosh-Dagana highway has improved access, especially with the replacement of the main bridge across Dagachhu. The construction of 21 km of Project roads has also improved access to the people of Goshi, Kana and Khebisa Gewogs. The shifting of the company’s office to Dagapela in September 2009, mobilization of contractors for roads and main works has provided commercial opportunities to the neighboring communities. In terms of renting of houses, leasing of land, award of contracts, etc

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